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Soaring Beyond Boundaries

Welcome to SpinUp Search, where the future of pharmaceutical science and engineering collaborations takes flight! We dare to dream big and soar beyond boundaries. Our passion lies in forging powerful partnerships between forward-thinking pharmaceutical companies and the brightest minds in the industry. With a focus on Europe and North America, we are determined to revolutionize the landscape of pharmaceutical talent search, consultancy, as well as scientific & technical HR advisory services.

Masters of Pharmaceutical Prowess

The secret to our success? It's simple – our foundation of success is built on excellence, experience, insight, and innovation. Our dedicated team of pharmaceutical headhunters comprises former industry professionals, each equipped with a deep understanding of the intricate technical landscape. Paired with our esteemed PhD-level advisors from academia and industry, we propel companies towards unparalleled success.

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Fueling success

The Power of Synergy

We have the magical power of synergy that courses through our veins - a dynamic fusion of visionary leaders, seasoned industry professionals, and esteemed PhD-level advisors. This rare combination fuels our extraordinary ability to align your company's vision with the brightest minds in the pharmaceutical universe.

Innovation Unveiled

For us, innovation isn't just a buzzword – it's in our DNA. Our relentless pursuit of cutting-edge talent unveils the true potential of your company. From research pioneers to engineering virtuosos, we illuminate the path to groundbreaking discoveries, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in pharmaceutical science and engineering.

The Art of Tailored Solutions

Here's where the true magic unfolds – the art of crafting tailored solutions. Our ability to see beyond the surface, to delve into the heart of your company's needs, is what sets us apart. Like master artisans, we sculpt bespoke consultancy services that elevate your organization to a level of excellence previously unexplored.

Unmatched Scientific & Technical know-how

Our advisory service is your ultimate edge in scientific & technical talent acquisition, combining unmatched technical expertise with razor-sharp headhunting skills for smarter and faster recruitment outcomes.

We empower your in-house HR teams with precision-packed insights and guidance, revolutionizing technical recruiting to attract top scientific talent with ease and confidence.

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